Consulting in Toxicology, Product Safety Assessment, and Litigation Support

TOXCOR ASSOCIATES, INC., since 1995, provides a wide variety of consulting services in toxicology to the pharmaceutical, medical device, personal health care, cosmetic, dietary supplement, and household product industries.  We focus on product safety assessment, and strategic planning and managing of product safety evaluation and toxicology research programs that are successful in meeting industry and regulatory requirements.  We also provide expert scientific support to the legal profession on product liability, toxic injury, and DWI litigation.

Marvin Kaminsky, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., F.R.S.C., the president of TOXCOR ASSOCIATES, INC. is a board certified toxicologist with over 25 years experience in industry and consulting, and has a successful track record in toxicology, and product safety assessment and evaluation.  He has authored numerous papers and publications in toxicology and has served as adjunct faculty at several universities.  This experience enables TOXCOR ASSOCIATES, INC., to successfully develop safety assessment and evaluation strategies, design and place studies and provide expertise to specifically meet our client's needs and objectives in a cost effective manner.

Services Provided:


Safety Assessment and Evaluation

Risk Assessment

         Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, personal health care products, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and household products.


         Raw materials and finished products.


         Excipients and impurities.


         Art materials


         Design, and management of GLP and non-GLP safety and toxicological testing and research programs that satisfy both industry standards and regulatory requirements.


         GLP and non-GLP study placement and monitoring.


         Data interpretation.


          Expert report writing.


         Recommendations of animal and alternative non-animal test methods.


         Literature searches and reviews.


         White papers and technical documents.


         Representation on trade association scientific committees.


         Placement of human clinical safety testing on cosmetics, and personal care and household products.

         Hazard assessment.


         Exposure assessment.


         Risk analysis.


         California Proposition 65 compliance.


         Occupational exposure.

Regulatory and Legal

         Strategic planning and designing of safety assessment and evaluation programs to gain regulatory approval.


         Pre-IND meeting safety summary reports.


         Liaison with regulatory agencies regarding toxicological and safety issues.


         Toxicology support for regulatory submissions (INDs/NDAs, 510Ks, and IDEs), and other technical legislative issues.




         Cosmetic safety dossiers for both U.S., and EU.


         Product liability and toxic injury litigation expert support.



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Marvin Kaminsky, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., F.R.S.C.
Toxcor Associates, Inc.
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